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In order to convert an address and a paymentid to an integrated address send a HTTP request to:{address}&paymentid={paymentid}

You'll receive a response like:

	"success": true,
	"integrated_address": "{your integrated address}"


converts to:

	"success": true,
	"integrated_address": "TRTLuxvEqAp9uLmd4KSDCX9jZKk2Q523qJ6MzPUHDJUZHvmWVkQGnMo9jXWZzZiprhHRYsRYUUfjKJ6UYpzFiH8sA533dgBgz5WLCadgT3rzAnepD9aDf4MMC33MDMbkkELJcRAiZyH35fL3qG7xjJDSUCGCRJFWwxyvNDCwxy8kVpbFTsx655rYgwq"

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